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The Sun's warming your skin and you're relaxed to the point of no return. But an idea arrives in your head....hmmmm is it too early for a Spritz? Of course not, it's never too early when you can leave our Spritz Beach Towel on your sun lounger to let everyone know where you've gone!

Lightweight and Thin - so it won't tip your suitcase over the weight limit and perfect for rolling into your beach bag and still leaving space for the Factor 15.

Never lose your space poolside or at the beach. Just tell the world I've 'Gone for a Spritz'.

The perfect gift for Spritz lovers or anyone looking for a personalised beach towel.

Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

N.B. The print process on these knitted towels cannot be guaranteed to cover 100% of the surface area, some small white specks may therefore be visible.

  • 100% polyester on one side for getting noticed, 100% cotton on the other side for drying.

Weight: 350 gsm.