'Heart in Italy' Designs now Available

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'Heart in Italy' Designs now Available

Great news - this week at Shabby Sheep Design we've launched our new Collection 'Heart in Italy'.

Simple, yet stylish and visually very effective, the new designs are appealing to the vast numbers of people who whilst they may not live in Italy nonetheless feel strongly that their 'Heart', Spirit or Soul is there.

This applies not only to those who travel to Italy on holiday and who fall in love with it's natural beauty, the warmth of the local people and of course the unforgettable cuisine and wine. There are additionally the large groups of Italian descendants scattered across the globe, most notably in America where it's estimated 5.5 million Italians emigrated between 1820 - 2004. Just think how many family connections that has created - all potentially who can say that their Heart is in Italy.

One of the new designs is based on the classic cardiogram and colours of the national tricolore Italian flag with its instantly recognisable green, white and red vertical bands. Another set of designs make more direct reference to the American Italian connection with a series of iconic Italian images like the leaning tower of Pisa, Rome's coliseum and the classic Fiat 500 car and Vespa Scooter. The images are tied together with the slogan 'Born in America....Heart in Italy'.

We've got more Heart in Italy designs planned and these will be added to the Collection over the coming months. But in the meantime the current designs are available across a range of t-shirts for Women, Men and Kids plus on a variety of popular accessories like chef's aprons and tote bags - both of which make excellent Italian themed gifts.

Shabby Sheep Design launched early in 2018 as a 'lifestyle' business of Italy based Brits Eva and Chris Lock. You can follow Shabby on Instagram and Facebook where you'll often find great competitions and interesting content.

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